Cima Piazzi: a perfect day for families
Cima Piazzi: a perfect day for families

Skiing with your children can be an unforgettable experience and a perfect activity to do together on holiday or on weekends. Personally I love to spend days on snow with my children, relaxing, enjoying nature and do some sports.

Especially when children are young the choice of the location is of extreme importance: both to guarantee the kids some fun but also for parents. In fact if the location is not correct for kids, a normal day can turn into a very hard and demanding day.

This why we suggest you the Cima Piazzi – San Colombano ski area for your days in Alta Valtellina on snow with your family, a few minutes from Bormio, on the road to Livigno.

Discover the 6 reasons why you should choose Valdidentro for your days on snow.

  1. Comfort: parking your car right in front of the lifts, only having to walk a few meters to reach the gondola, this is one of the main reasons why I choose to ski here with my kids.
  2. Ski School: If your kids are beginners, Cima pIazzi is the best ski area to approach skiing. At the top of the gondola, awaiting for you are two tapis roulants and the Orsacchiotti World, a learning ground, unique in the area of Bormio, with tapis roulants and equipment to allow your kids to approach the world of skiing in a safe way. Ask to the Valdidentro Ski School for more info.
  3. Easy and not crowded slopes: I am often afraid of having to ski on crowded slopes. At Cima Piazzi, other than having slopes for all levels, you will have the chance to enoy your days on snow away from the crowd. Children will have a better chance of approaching skiing if in a calm and safe environment.
  4. Sun: the good exposure of the ski area aloows the sun to reach it for most of the day, even during colder days: you will be able to ski with your kids also in full winter, when temperatures are lower.
  5. Playground and relax: The location of Cima Piazzi allows children to play on snow also without having skis on. Once done skiing, they will in fact be able to sledge or play both indoor and outdoor in the area next to the restaurant. In the mean time, parents and grandparents, even if they don’t ski, will have the chance to taste delicious lunches and enjoy some relax time at the Conca Bianca restaurant.
  6. Convenient: thanks to the Happy Ski Family promo, skiing in Cima Piazzi – San Colombano has never been so convenient. In all families made up by 3 ore more members, youth will only pay the skipass half price if parents purchase a full pass.

What are you waiting for? Do not waste time and start planning your holiday on snow with your whole family.