Skiing in Valdidentro is a relaxing and fun experience. The calm area, the slopes for everybody and the sun, present for most of the day during the whole season make days at the ski area even better.

The gondola, starting in Isolaccia and ending at the top, allow everyone, including the non-skiers, to reach the ski area and join the rest of the family. The two tapis roulants at the top of the gondola, right in front of the conca Bianca restaurant allow children to move their first steps into the world of skiing or to use bob sledges too.

The lifts are open every day from 8.30am to 4.30pm and they require a Cima Piazzi – San Colombano daily skipass, which allows to ski on both faces of the ski area, or a Bormio 2+ days skipass which is valid in our ski area, in Bormio and in Santa Caterina.

The ticket office at the bottom of the gondola in Isolaccia is open every day from 8.30 to 16.45.

Discover below all of our lifts and technical data.

NameTypeLenghtDislivelloVertical drop
Isolaccia - Pian della MotaGondola 8 seats1.5586531.995
LeprottoMagic carpet6192.004
BambiMagic carpet122222.025
Monte MasuccoSki-lift4311322.359
Dosso Le PoneSki-lift1.1032742.547
Prà VeglSki-lift6581362.327
La Rossa - S. ColombanoChairlift 2 seats1.2432502.265
Forte TadèChairlift 2 seats1.4044582.162
Le Motte - DossaccioChairlift 4 seats1.1343131.733
Le MotteMagic carpet4781.420